The Second Chance for Ex-Offenders Act of 2009 is currently being reviewed by committee in Washington. This bill, if passed, would allow certain crimes to be expunged from one’s record. To weigh in and read more about the bill, click here

In most states, prisons are profiting from calls made from inmates to loved ones. Visit this article for more information and to find out how you can help change these policies, click here

SendCash4Less™ was created to provide family and friends of inmates an easy, inexpensive, and convenient way to send cash to their loved ones detained in local, state and federal correctional facilities. Traditional methods of sending cash are expensive and sometimes slow. SendCash4Less™ is both quicker and less expensive than all the major money transfer services, plus, you don’t have to go to a retail location to send money- you can send money from home or work.

Inmates who have the emotional and financial support of friends and family tend to assimilate back into society upon release with greater ease. Life in correctional facilities takes a lot of adjusting to, but friends and family can help by writing letters, visiting as often as possible, and providing financial support in order to enable inmates to purchase postage, stationery, and small comforts like books, radios and snacks.

SendCash4Less™ costs less than the leading competitor, allowing you to spend less money on fees and send more money to your detained loved one.

One-time payment

To send an inmate a one-time payment using a credit or debit card, click here.

SendCash4Less™ accepts the following card brands:

Recurring payments

To send an inmate money on a weekly or monthly basis, sign up for an account using your checking account number or credit/debit card here. In order to verify your account information,
you will be asked basic questions about your identity.


Now inmates can call you for as low as $0.25 per minute. Find out how here.

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